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Support regarding due diligence and integration processes after any kind of restructuring 

Our Services

We help your organisation in situations where assistance is needed e.g.
  • Breakdown and transfer of results while and after tax audits
  • Any advise regarding tax support for corporations and individuals
  • New tasks are added on to the assignment and no one is available to immediately fulfil the requested requirements.
  • You face a long and extended period to cover a new or an already existing position of the function.
  • We support your projects or single assignments which the existing organisation isn’t available to currently manage.
  • We see your projects successfully through with our know-how in the area of law, taxes and customs.
  • We support the transfer of your projects and tasks in accounting (BilMoG, IFRS, US-GAAP) including the use of the
     SAP software.

  • We make sure your timelines are in schedule and deadlines are kept with the best quality.
  • Transferpricedocumentation

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